Building A Better Community

Mayview MO Foundation

  • Mayview School Restoration

  • Community Garden

  • Bear Tracks Mini Storage Units

  • Mayview RV Park

  • Mayview History Museum

  • Food Pantry


Fall Family Fun Fest

October 15, 2022

9AM - 3PM

@The Mayview School


Gym Rental
  • Call 816-263-7498


Do you have a small business and need to expand? Are you an Entrepreneur needing an affordable, clean accessible space to rent? Three various spaces are available at below market rate located in The Mayview School in Mayview, MO.

Contact Mayview MO Foundation board members: Larry @ 816-668-2308 or Elaine @ 816-217-4754

Mayview School - Rental Spaces.jpg


MMF is committed to revitalizing Mayview by encouraging a clean, safe environment for citizen and business growth.

  • Motto:  Together We Renew a Proud Heritage!

  • Mission:  To Revitalize Mayview by encouraging a Clean, Safe Environment for Citizen and Business Growth.

Mayview Mo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.  Contact us to become a member!  Donations may be tax deductible.  Contact your tax professional for advice.


200 N Forest Avenue,

Mayview, Missouri 64071

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